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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

May 10, 2022

Ep. #61 - Tashiek Hawkins is a Hair Expert and the owner and founder of “Covered Care Hair Loss Center”, a trusted leader in Hair Loss solutions. She specializes in Cranial Prosthesis, Hair Replacement & Hair Restoration services. She also provides care and support to Veterans & Patients experiencing hair loss from medical conditions or treatments. Join us as we discuss alopecia and other causes of hair loss.

John Tucker was gracious enough to be a part of this conversation and represent the men who’ve experienced living with alopecia. He’s from the DC Metropolitan area and has an impressive career working at Catholic Charities. During this conversation John mentions his daughter, Janelle who specializes in creating health and wellness products.

Tashiek Hawkins


Instagram: @coveredcare

John’s daughter’s Product Information. Her name is Jannelle



Instagram: @livinabundantly103

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Increase melanin levels: What to know

Black America Cares Volunteers