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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

Dec 12, 2022

Ep. #75 - Dominique Jones is the owner and CEO of Mom’s Advocate & Maternal Advisor (M.A.M.A.). As a Black mother of three young girls (ages 3 months, 2 and 4)  she knows firsthand how scary pregnancy, birth and the thought of motherhood can be. Listen as she shares about M.A.M.A.  Mom’s Advocate and Maternal Advisor (M.A.M.A.) is a full spectrum virtual birth services company. They're committed to serving mothers and families across the nation, advocating for improved maternal outcomes and providing support services, from pre-conception through motherhood.

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Article about Kira Johnson – Husband of Woman Who Died After C-Section Speaks About Black Maternal Health While Raising His Boys Alone

How to Find A Black Doula -,they%20provide%20services%20for%20pregnant%20or%20breastfeeding%20moms.

The Black Nonprofit and Business Podcast

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