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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

May 13, 2020

Ep. #20 – Lady Nicole Osborne is our second survivor in our COVID-19 Survivor Series. As with everyone diagnosed with this illness, her symptoms were very different. Nicole noticed something was wrong when she burned her Easter dinner. It burned because she couldn’t smell it. She also describes how she felt very tired. Nicole has asthma which can be deadly for a person with coronavirus but fortunately for her, the disease didn’t attack her body as much as it has others. Another challenge was making sure the virus didn’t spread to her husband or any of their four children. She explains how after being tested, the doctors discharged her but advised her to stop and pick up a prescription. Upon release, she wasn’t given a mask, nor gloves, nor did she know the test results.  If she was positive, (which it was later determined she was) she could’ve have easily spread it to customers in the store as well as her family. Thankfully Nicole was smart and took the initiative to protect her household.  Her story is an example of why this disease is spreading so rapidly in our communities. Imagine the number of people who get tested and are told to leave. Some use public transportation and have to make stops at the grocery store or pharmacy, and they may have other family members at home. By the time you’re told you have it, you’ve unknowingly spread it to who knows how many people. Nicole talks about the challenges of staying safe and even having to live in a hotel while waiting for housing. In spite of the difficulties, she made it, and no one else in her family caught it. Listen as she tells how she did it.
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