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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

Ep. #32 – Chef Rory Vigne (pronounced Veene) cooked meals that resulted in him losing 168lbs!  Rory started his fat loss journey in March 2018.  His starting weight was 366lbs and he’s now down to 198lbs.  He’s offering the same healthy meals through his meal prep business, called Chef’s Fit Meal Prep. His services are available in the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area but I’m hoping he expands his business and makes them available nation-wide! In this episode we talk about what he did to lose the weight. I ask him what he ate, if he exercised and I inquired about everything he did to accomplish this outstanding goal. He gladly shares his success story, gives a few tips, and even shares a recipe.  He also plans to start a nonprofit that will introduce kids to the culinary arts. On a side note, Rory appeared as an extra in the movie “Texas Kill City” that will be airing on Netflix next year, so stay tuned for that.



Instagram: @chefsfitmealprep