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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

Jul 15, 2022

Ep. #64 - Choose to DO, Inc. builds confidence and esteem for underserved black youth 12-17 years old, to embrace healthy mental development by introducing them to applicable skills and resources that foster socioemotional well-being.

This organization was founded by Dozie Oheri who is currently the CEO.  She started Choose to DO, Inc. because of her experience as an educator, as a caregiver and from personal growth and development. Through her experiences listed above and through Choose to DO, Inc., she has made it her job to empower our youth.

I also speak with the first intern I’ve had on the show. Her name is Sha’nya Meade and she shares a little of what it’s like to be an intern working for a nonprofit. And if you’re in need of an intern for your organization or business you definitely want to tune in because we talk about that process as well. So sit back and relax and let’s get into this awesome conversation!



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