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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

May 7, 2020

Ep. #19 – This is the first of a few interviews with coronavirus survivors. We are constantly inundated with stories of death and loss with regard to COVID-19. We’re also starting to hear stories of corruption, mismanagement, malpractice and negligence, especially when it comes to the Black Community. I decided to use my platform to share light, hope and the reality of how it feels to experience having this illness and overcome it. Over the next few days I’m interjecting the nonprofit interviews with the COVID-19 Survivor Stories because it’s so important to the overall mission of this podcast and Black America Cares. These are unusual times and that calls for an unusual way of doing things. In this episode I’m talking to Tasha Ware. She explains how she contracted the disease, was repeatedly refused testing, how she almost died, and how she’s doing now. Her story will inspire you and give you hope as she shares how she fought back.  If you have Facebook, you can watch the video we’re referring to at the link below.

Video of Tasha -