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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

Mar 6, 2021

Ep. #40 – Khalia Preyer started Kp2 to inspire young artists to create a world they want to live in through service and theatrical arts. She provides youth and young adults an opportunity to provide a community-based theatrical body of work for the purposes of:

-Presenting relevant family entertainment.

-Creating opportunities for children and youth to develop talents in all aspects of theatre arts.

-Increasing the theatre’s impact on and service to the community

 As EDUCATOR, she ensures that each of her artists paint a canvas that will never be erased. She enjoys feeding their minds with characterization, diction, pacing, movement . professionalism and love.

As a DIRECTOR she ensures that each production is award winning; that it’s animated and fascinating from the beginning.

She’s also the author of “Love Beyond the Bars”, a children’s book that’s also a resource to help kids deal with having an incarcerated parent. It’s available on Amazon and other online sites.



Instagram: @kp2theatre