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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

Ep. #30 - With his mother being in prison, and him not knowing his father, Byron, was raised by his, great-grandparents. Statistics would say that by the age of 18, he would either be dead or in jail, but God had other plans.

In 2013 he Graduated from Cody Academy of Public leadership in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Ohio. After a couple years he moved back to Detroit at the request of his mother but due to certain internal conflicts, he was given an ultimatum, either go to church and school or get a job at a warehouse if he wanted to stay with her. Byron chose church and school, which meant he had to leave.  In mid 2015 he became homeless, but he continued his education and maintained a 3.5 GPA all while sleeping in parks, abandoned buildings, bus stops, and eventually a car. His Godparents were made aware of his situation and between the efforts of them and their church, Byron was blessed to get an apartment in January of 2017.

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