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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

Ep. #47 – Proactive Patient Advocacy, Inc.’s (PPA) main focus is the senior community at large. Oftentimes, seniors may feel they are overlooked, misunderstood, and are not being heard. PPA is here to fill that gap. While seniors are their main focus, they will assist anyone in the community that needs their help or services. 

PPA is a non-profit based organization that strives to Engage, Encourage, Empower, and Educate!  They assist their clients, particularly the senior community to navigate through the ever changing and sometimes daunting healthcare system "proactively."



Instagram: @proactivepatientadvocacyinc

Twitter: @devone_angela

NOTE: Are you familiar with the EMTALA Act? You CANNOT be denied care at any emergency room due to lack of being able to pay your co-pay or any fee at all! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!