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The Black Nonprofits and Business Podcast

Jun 12, 2020

Ep. #25 – There are NO Excuses!! Jacques Lofton is the Founder and President of Lizzie Foundation. She’s also a single Mother of three, she currently works full time and she also has a few other small businesses. She calls herself a Mompreneur.

Jacques started Lizzie Foundation in honor of her late Grandmother who passed away from Thyroid Cancer in 2009. She decided to carry on her legacy and great spirit of helping others when feel they can’t make it alone.  But what really caught my attention about her story is she served time in prison.  Like so many of us in the Black community, she got caught up in the drug game, but instead of allowing her circumstances to dictate her future, she changed her choices and became a social change agent. Her life is yet another testament of what determination and beating the odds can accomplish.

Like many of us, she struggled as a single Mother and understands the daily challenges that can happen with just not having enough, so she decided to help mothers and fathers during times of high stress which is typically around back to school time and the holidays. She noticed how others would reach out to her for help during those times and she knew exactly what that felt like. You can hear Jacques’ passion and energetic spirit as she shares her inspirational story. I should mention that she also does credit repair! She’s still in the process of building her website but here’s her email and Facebook information. If you need some positivity, encouragement and hope, keep listening.




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